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Four advantages of Shuaixing glass magnesium fireproof board

2019-10-31 13:05:02

Glass magnesium fire board can also be called glass magnesium board, magnesium oxide board, magnesite board, magnesium board. It can be used as wall board, ceiling board, fireproof board, waterproof board, packing box, etc. It can replace wood plywood for wall skirt, doors and windows, door panels, furniture, etc. Speaking of raw materials first, the two main raw materials of glass fiber reinforced plastic grid plates are resin and glass fiber. Glass fiber is divided into two types: medium-alkali and non-alkali. Compared with non-alkali, the price of non-alkali is higher. There are many kinds of resins, and the corresponding resins are selected according to the specific application. For example, in chemical plants, corrosion-resistant resins are usually selected; in boiler plants, high-temperature-resistant resins are usually selected. So what do we know about its advantages? Today, let us take a look at it:

1. Waterproof and moisture proof: In dry and cold climates, the function of the glass magnesium fireproof board has always been stable and is not affected by condensed water beads and humid air. Even if it is placed in water and soaked for a few days, it will naturally dry and will not be deformed or softened. It can be used normally without the phenomenon of moisture absorption and halogen back. After testing, the board has no water permeability.

2. Excellent strength: Magnesium special 5.1.8 phase-filled glass fiber cloth and plant fiber with excellent resistance are light weight glass magnesium fire board, but the structure is tight, the stability is good, the shape is not deformed, and it is wood-like Resistance, excellent performance in impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance and breaking resistance, both rigidity and toughness, flexural strength reaching 322kgf / cm2 (vertical) and 216kgf / cm2 (horizontal), impact strength up to 25MPa.

3. Affordable: high-quality glass magnesium fireproof board, the quality is stable and reliable, compared with other glass magnesium fireproof boards, cost-effective, light and high-energy, the price is moderate, and then the standard of glass fiber reinforced plastic grid plate, the thickness of the grid plate, molding The length and width of the grille cover are 3.66m and 1.22m. It is fixed, and the processing device has excellent functions. It can be pasted, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, planed. It is convenient to handle, excellent in durability, and not easy to break. The thickness is different, of course, the higher the thickness, the higher the load capacity of the grid plate. The surface type of FRP grating; FRP grating is divided into ordinary type and cover type. Willingly use self-tapping nails, gun nails and straight nails for light installation, and can also choose wet and dry hanging operations.

4. Multifunctionality: The unique smooth and rough surface of the glass magnesium fireproof board provides customers with functional diversity. The smooth surface can be pasted with wallpaper, aluminum-plastic panel, veneer fire board, veneer, PVC, sprayable paint or latex paint, etc .; the rough surface can be pasted with ceramic tile, marble, granite, ash and brushed with latex paint. The glass magnesium fireproof board has an excellent affinity for the above-mentioned materials, and can be subjected to secondary processing on the spot, and can also be used for secondary use. It can be zigzag shaped with a diameter of 30cm without losing its physical function.

a. Ordinary grille The price of ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is usually around 200 per square meter. The product is a grille with a smooth surface on the top and bottom. It is mainly used in the field of building decoration, machine walkways, fences, and fences.

b. The sand-covered grille participates in the quartz sand on the upper surface of the FRP grille. It is used in oil stains, slope environments or in places with high anti-skid protection requirements; especially in wet, oily, and frozen environments. Has a non-slip effect. Application areas of sanded surface grille: bridge deck, stair tread, gutter cover, floor, etc.

c. The groove standard grille is an economical and general anti-skid standard grille. The upper surface is an inner arc-shaped surface that can be anti-skid. The two blades on the surface are formed during the molding process. Its application scale is very wide. Such as water treatment plants, living quarters, electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and other fields.

d. Micro-porous grid Double-layer micro-porous grid can reduce the opportunity for high-altitude dangerous goods to fall through the grid hole due to the reduced opening rate. It is very ambitious to be used in high-altitude walkways and other areas to prevent heavy objects. Falling; this double-layer micro-hole grille is also very suitable for places with wheels, which can effectively reduce vibration. Three types of grilles of this type are available-grooved and sanded flat surface.


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