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How can we choose high-quality glass magnesium fireproof board products?

2019-09-29 14:54:41

 I do n’t know how much you know about the related applications of glass magnesium fire board products? With the wide application of glass magnesium fireproof board manufacturers, more and more users of Yingkou glass magnesium fireproof board began to pay attention to this product. Next, our professionals will briefly introduce the relevant content of the product for you. , I hope to help you.

 The glass magnesium fireproof board is bright in color and has various forms of edge banding. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, colorfastness, delicate touch and affordable price.


The glass magnesium fireproof board is divided into two types: high gloss board and matte board. The surface reflection coefficient of the high gloss board is very high, which shows the gorgeous side. The matte board has a lower surface reflection coefficient and a rougher surface than the high-gloss board, but the temperament and taste are low-key, which is a type commonly used in room decoration.

       High-quality glass magnesium fireproof board has the following characteristics: clear and thorough pattern, realistic effect, strong three-dimensional sense; no color difference; smooth and smooth surface, wear-resistant. You can refer to the above items when identifying whether it is a high-quality fireproof board.

      The above is the relevant content of glass magnesium fireproof board. If you still want to know more exciting information, please feel free to check our website for updates. We will continue to organize more exciting information for you.


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