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What should be paid attention to in the decoration project of glass magnesium board

2019-09-29 14:47:13

Now it seems that in order to ensure the quality of the glass magnesium board in the finishing project, the following aspects should be paid attention to during the construction. The following editor will talk about the specific content with you: Yingkou glass magnesium fireproof board

Partition wall: The light steel dragon skeleton suitable for the strength of the partition wall should be selected. It is recommended that the frame size of the skeleton is not greater than 600 * 400MM (height * width). There should be dragons under the jointing part of the board, and a gap of 3-5mm should be reserved. The gap is filled and glued with glue putty and fiber cloth.


aulking: the caulking machine can also be used manually. Use elastic putty or special putty. The seam of the board must be left with a 3 ~ 5MM seam. When caulking, putty must fill and smooth the seam. Then cover with anti-crack strips and straps. The place of the mounting screw should also be blocked with putty. The bottom joint of the double-layer board should also be caulked. The ambient temperature during caulking construction should be greater than 100C. ??

Coating surface layer: When the decorative surface is paint, except that the board seam is processed as required, the screw surface of the anchoring screw should be less than 0.2mm of the decorative surface, and then all the surface is scratched with putty, which requires smoothing and smoothing before coating.

Veneer surface layer: When the decorative surface is plywood, aluminum-plastic board and other surface layers, in addition to being required for the use of decorative materials and adhesive bonding, the surface of the backing plate should be cleaned.


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