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9 common misunderstandings in the construction of fireproof board

2019-09-29 14:43:39

9 common misunderstandings in the construction of fireproof boards: 9 common misunderstandings in the construction of fireproof boards: glass magnesium board manufacturers

1. After the fireproof board is bought back, can it be constructed immediately?

The fireproof board is often used together with the base material. In addition, the fireproof board itself is a wooden material and has a certain expansion rate. Therefore, after receiving the fireproof board, it must first be assimilated in the same environment as the substrate, and the time should not be shorter than 72 hours. In this way, the expansion and contraction of the fire board and the base material will be synchronized, and the problems of warpage and delamination caused by the different expansion and contraction of the fire board and the base material will not occur in the later period.

2. In order to meet the needs of the beauty and decoration style used on site, can any fire board be bent at will?

If you need to bend the fire board, you first need to choose the appropriate fire board. There is a difference between flat and bent plates for fireproof boards. Choose bent plates for bending work. In addition, the angle of the bending plate has certain restrictions, generally consider the bending angle. The minimum bending radius of good quality fire board can reach 6R. However, the bending angle depends to a great extent on the processing ability, so it is necessary to choose a good plate and a mature processor to achieve the desired processing effect

3. The color of the fireproof board is good Low and monotonous, can only choose monochrome and wood grain?

Fireproof board is a material with strong design. In addition to the common monochrome and wood grains, there are stone patterns, metals and special patterns that have been popular recently. More importantly, the fireproof board can also accept customized patterns from customers, making the design more individual.

4. Is the construction of fireproof board very simple?

Fireproof board construction is very important and needs to pay attention to many details. It can be said that it is a five-point product and five-point installation. If the construction is not good, it will cause problems such as product warpage and substrate separation.

5. Is it more convenient to paste the fireproof board directly on the construction site?

Fireproof board veneer work has high requirements, but the site conditions are limited, such as space, temperature and equipment. Therefore, the optimal solution is to perform veneer operations in the processing plant, and then use the semi-finished products to perform installation operations on site. If it is necessary to carry out direct construction of the plate on site, pay attention to the cleanliness of the plate, suitable cloth glue and even pressing.

6. The black border of the fireproof board is really unbearable, and is it unavoidable?

The core material of the fireproof board is generally dark brown, and the appropriate trimming method can make the processed product more beautiful. Common methods include 45-degree cutting and splicing, same-color edge banding, veneer edge banding, etc. These methods require certain processing capabilities.

7. The quality of the fireproof board is basically the same, and there is no difference in actual use?

The raw materials and production process determine the quality of the fireproof board, which directly affects the later processing and construction. The high-quality fireproof board uses high-definition colored paper, virgin wood pulp kraft paper and high-quality pure phenolic system glue. In addition to better color, better physical properties, and low formaldehyde, it also ensures that it is not easy to burst edges and has better bending performance during processing.

8. If it needs to be processed, can the fireproof board be arbitrarily cut?

The fireproof board is easy to cut, but it needs the right tools and the right cutting method. Mechanical cutting uses push flat saw; manual cutting can use hook knife; curve cutting requires jig saw. The knife must be entered from the colored paper. This can avoid the problem of cutting and bursting.

9. Can the fireproof board be pasted on the surface of any material?

As a kind of wood-like material, the fireproof board's characteristics of expanding and contracting with the change of humidity determine that it must be laminated on similar materials. In this way, the expansion and contraction changes of the fireproof board and the substrate itself can be consistent and will not separate. We recommend particle board, medium density board, try to avoid gypsum board, calcium silicate board, etc.

The ten most misunderstood areas in the construction of fireproof panels are to be misunderstood. For better construction results, start with understanding these misunderstandings.


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