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Application areas and product characteristics of fireproof board

2019-09-29 14:35:55

The fireproof board is made of high-grade thermosetting resin sub-layer board. Because the product can not be damaged for a long time under the action of fire, this material has been called the fireproof board. The surface of the material is a dense fireproof film, which can effectively isolate the flame and prevent the product from burning easily; in order to meet the needs of more consumers, at the same time, the material can be better applied in home decoration In terms of materials, the surface of the material is coated with a variety of colors, and the high-temperature coloring process is adopted. The color of the surface will not fall off easily. The texture of the plate is very clear. It adopts special logistics properties. Main materials under construction. The material has strong hardness, and good ductility can allow it to relieve gravity during impact, and can ensure that the wall panel does not break. The safe fireproof performance makes it the main material for the construction of kitchen cabinets, which can improve the safety of home life.


The fireproof board has excellent heat insulation and heat insulation effects, and it is incomparable with glass and concrete. The quality of the board is as strong as metal, but the weight is similar to wood, which can save man-hours during handling and installation; use ALC board As an enclosing structure, it can better exert its advantages of high strength, light weight, good ductility and strong earthquake resistance; the lower thermal conductivity can block the spread of fire, and it will not produce harmful gases when burned in the fire. Safety is guaranteed. When the product is processed, it is convenient and simple. It can be trimmed according to the construction drawings prepared in advance; it can decompose and absorb the noise of the surrounding environment, which is a guarantee for the quiet life of the home. Under normal circumstances, it can effectively reduce the noise of 40 decibels. The processing of products is green and environmentally friendly, which can protect the environment well.


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