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Performance characteristics


Dashiqiao Shuaixing Decorative Board Factory

Name: Dashiqiao Shuaixing Glass Magnesium Sheet Factory

Contact: Wang Yanyong

Phone: +86-0417-5227988

Mobile phone: +86-13604970855

Address: Yongan Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province




★ Fire prevention No burning at 800 ℃, no flame at 1200 ℃, non-flammability p to GB862A.

★ Waterproof It is not deformed, softened, moldy or rotten due to the influence of moisture, steam and humidity.

★ Lightweight The surface density is 0.85 ~ 1.27g / cm3, and the building load is small, so it is an ideal lightweight building material.

★ Super strong impact resistance, bending resistance, high bending strength, good toughness and rigidity.

★ Stable Wet expansion rate, thermal shrinkage rate, drying shrinkage rate and deflection are low, the shape is stable and does not deform.

★ Sound insulation The sound insulation of 6mm thick board is 29dB, which has good sound insulation performance.

★ Thermal insulation Thermal conductivity is 0.216W / (m.k), which has good thermal conductivity.

★ Durable No frost and back halogen, strength increases with time and long service life.

★ Cold-resistant resistant to -40 ℃ increase, long service life.

★ Easy to install Can be sawed, cut by knife, sticky, nailable, sprayable, veneerable, and strong in gripping force.

★ Environmental protection Does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful substances, and is harmless to food and human body.