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Dashiqiao Shuaixing Decorative Board Factory

Name: Dashiqiao Shuaixing Glass Magnesium Sheet Factory

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Address: Yongan Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province



Flat ceiling application

installation method 

1. Carry out the ceiling and determine the fixed position of the boom, the center distance of the boom is generally 1200mm;

2. Connect the hanger to the main keel with a hanger, and keep the main keel level with the well;

3. Use the pendant to fix the secondary keel vertically on the main keel, the center distance of the secondary keel axis is 612mm;

4. Install the cross keel as required, the center distance of the cross keel is 1224mm;

5. Fix the board to the secondary keel with self-tapping screws, and do the seam treatment.


Shuaixing board and light steel keel ceiling system can be divided into two types: humanoid type and non-human type. Without human type, only the weight of the ceiling itself and light fixtures are considered, and it does not bear other loads. The Shangren type considers the live load of 80-100 kg when the Shangren is overhauled. For the matters not mentioned above, please refer to the compilation of construction instructions. For special requirements, please contact Shuaixing Technical Service Department.

1. Boom

2. UC type keel hanging piece

3. UC type keel pendant

4. C-shaped keel connector

5. U-shaped keel connector

6. Main keel

7. Secondary keel

8. Cross keel